Christopher T Wood
Men of Action 6


From a series of drawings inspired by the artist’s collection of aging foods.

charcoal on white paper
6 x 6 inches


Christopher T Wood’s charcoal drawings are so rich and velvety they are framed with Tru-Vue Optium, an anti-reflective, anti-static, clear-coated acrylic. This allows you to enjoy the drawings without worrying about glare.

As his wife Trudy explained to me – Christopher has several dried limes that move around. Several even moved to the new apartment. It’s not just limes that Christopher explores. I’ve been told there are several items that he moves about. That they are usually natural and aging seems to be an important part of these things’ lives.

These drawings are small enough you could move them about your living space. How do they interact with your things? Do they ‘talk’ to each other? Other works of art?

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