Deviant Life Drawing

Figure drawing with an alternative—and sometimes taboo—twist!

April 11, 2019 // 6:30pm–3pm // 5009 Florence Ave // $20

Kristen – FEMDOMME // January 27, 2019

Frills and feathers, oh my! Hope your shelves, furniture, and imagination are in need of a dusting. A French maid is here at Ellipsis Gallery to submit to a not-so-clean session! Expect top-notch housekeeping from our model, Dan, who’ll be polishing our prized possessions with a naughty spin.
Come for the premier primer of a session aimed at artists of all skill levels. Contrary to the traditional figure drawing style, we focus on themes, poses, and practices that not just interest the artists, but improve our skills.

Bring your pastels, pens, markers, pencils, acrylic paints, watercolors, or whatever medium of choice you prefer.

$20 advance + at the door.

Deviant Life Drawing is an art-making session series hosted by Jeanine and Nick, similar to life-drawing sessions at art schools. The similarity is that there is a nude or mostly-nude model. What makes these sessions deviant is that they are for artists who find themselves bored with those typical, “polite” poses, suitable primarily for anatomical study. We depart from what would would normally be considered appropriate, while seeking to maintain an environment where everyone involved can feel comfortable and secure while exploring subjects which could be taboo elsewhere.

Artists who attend these sessions might encounter costumes, bondage, cross-dressing, play-acting, dis-robing, pantomime, or tableaux, among other subjects, some more taboo than others.

Snacks – We like our munchies and our drinks too. Tips are encouraged. Models and volunteers eat free.

Photos – I leave this up to the model. Any photos taken should not end up on the Internet. Some examples of agreements the models might make regarding photos are:

    • Anyone can take photos any time
    • Photos are OK, but the model gets final approval, including decision to delete
    • Artists can take photos, for a set tip amount  
  • Photos are not allowed at all

Whatever the model decides, we must abide.

Facebook group – We have a private Facebook group for our attendees to share their work, get a heads-up on DLD updates, and get to know each other. Since we’re a closed group, request entry and we’ll be sure to approve you. Bring your friends, too!

Don’t be shy – Which subjects do you want to explore? Which ideas? Have an idea that you want to model for?  Let us know!

Bring your art materials! Be respectful! And have fun!